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2016 Goals & Resolutions

*I should have posted this weeks ago, but better late than never!

Making resolutions at the beginning of the year isn’t usually my thing. After making a lot of progress toward positive changes in my life in 2015, I decided it was worth a shot.


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Low Carb Resources

Favorite Low Carb Resources


Going low carb can be a difficult and confusing transition. There are so many different diet plans, websites, and facebook groups out there, some sharing conflicting information. I know when I started, there was definitely a learning curve and I spent a lot of time researching, trying new things, and learning as much as I could. In this past year, I have found that there are a few places I tend to spend the most time and find the most beneficial information for me. Whether you are new to low carb or a seasoned low carb eater, these are all some great places to find tips, recipes, or just a little support.

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I Drink Butter

Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof Coffee

As a kid, I loved to eat butter. Well, what we always referred to as butter, but it was actually margarine. My mother has often spoken of how I would steal the bowl of Country Crock, then hide under the bed and eat it with my fingers. Tasty, right?

As an adult, I still love the taste of creamy, delicious butter—the real stuff—not so much that I’d want to eat a big spoonful, but I cook with it as much as possible. (This morning, I had some on my keto pancakes.) When I read that low carb and keto dieters were actually putting butter in their coffee, I was instantly repulsed. The flavor combination seemed odd and it just sounded really oily to me! I refused to even try it.

Of course, I often run out of the house the house in the mornings without eating breakfast, which I’ve found to be a detriment to my weight loss. I try to keep boiled eggs on hand, as well as breakfast meats that can be heated in the microwave. It should really only take a few minutes for me to throw something together, but it seems I’m always in a rush. Sometimes I forget to boil eggs. Sometimes the thought of sausage before 7 am makes me want to gag. Sometimes I just don’t feel hungry, but then am ravenous by 10 am.

Bulletproof coffee seemed like it might be a wonderful solution to my problems, if I could get over my aversion to butter in my favorite morning drink.

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