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Meal Prep: Week of January 22

January 22, 2017

Last week, I was a hot mess! I haven’t weighed myself, but there’s no doubt in my mind that I derailed any progress I’d made since the beginning of the year. I was traveling for work, which always gives me problems. Making better choices when staying in hotels is something I definitely need to work on. It’s just so much easier to order delivery and lounge around in my pajamas. I like to pretend I’m on vacation. ūüôā

Food Meal Prep Meals & Macros

Meal Prep: Week of January 1

January 2, 2017

These past few months, I’ve been a complete and utter mess, totally off my meal plan and not taking the best care of myself. The holidays are always a rough time to get back on track, so I decided to just hold off until after Christmas to sort myself out.

In the past, I never attempted to meal prep. I usually found myself throwing random things into my lunch bag in the morning, then running out the door. Sometimes that led to¬†odd combinations and lots of cold lunches.¬†I’d like to have a hot midday meal¬†without having to deal with dicey choices at fast food restaurants, so I’m giving prepping a try!

Below is what I’ve put together for this week. I am not prepping dinners at this time because I actually enjoy cooking in the evening, but that may be something I try in the future. In addition to the items below, I also have snacks like almonds and string cheese on hand.

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I Survived My First 5k

September 17, 2016


A couple months ago, my friend Jessica mentioned on facebook that she’d like to do a 5k. I’d secretly been looking at local races and contemplating giving one a shot, so when I saw her post, I told her I’d do it with her. We were able to find a race and get signed up.¬†The Colors of Courage 5k was sponsored by a local hospital, with proceeds going to benefit uninsured cancer patients. This was definitely a worthy cause, so I was happy to pay the entry fee.

The morning of the race, I was excited. At a little over 3 miles, I wasn’t really concerned about the distance, but I hadn’t prepared for the race like I should have. Early in the summer, I had been walking several miles each day, working on my endurance and time. As the heat and humidity of summer increased, however, I¬†got extremely¬†lax about exercising. I was concerned about the time it would take me to walk to course; I just hoped I wouldn’t finish last!