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Tiny House



Tiny House

A Tiny Adventure

As a single person, the idea that I might someday be able to own a home has seemed very far out of reach. While I absolutely love my job, working in public service is never a position that is going to include a salary that allows me to do all the things I want, yet still have money leftover for a mortgage, car insurance, utility bills, and student loan payments.

I’ve found that I place much more value on experiences, being able to travel and do the things I want. I still wanted to have my own place, however, which put me in a difficult position. For a long time, I struggled with deciding on the best option that would allow me to have both. A tiny house seemed like a perfect solution.

I spent a long time researching, weighing options, and trying to make a decision. A house, even a tiny one, is a big commitment. After months of of indecision on my part, something exciting happened earlier this week.

My tiny house was delivered!

I’m glad I was at work during delivery. This is mildly terrifying.