Vacationing in Fort Morgan, AL: Reed Real Estate

Beach and boardwalk in Fort Morgan, Alabama

Renting with Reed Real Estate

Walkway, sand, and water at the beach in Fort Morgan, Alabama.
The beaches in Fort Morgan, AL are beautiful.

Choosing the right rental property for vacation can be extremely stressful. This was definitely a challenge for my family when we were planning our trip to Fort Morgan, Alabama for the fall. We needed a space with three bedrooms that allowed pets, and we were really hoping to find a beachfront property in our price range.

Fort Morgan is a smaller town, away from the hustle and bustle of nearby Gulf Shores. This was one of the reasons we chose the location. The beaches are private and allow pets, but are only about 20 minutes from restaurants and shopping. Despite the size, there are a lot of rental properties in Fort Morgan, most of them managed by one of three companies. After careful consideration, we chose a home called Absolutely Crabulous from Reed Real Estate.

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