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In Loving Memory

On Mother’s Day, my maternal grandmother, Elector, passed away at the age of 71, surrounded by her loved ones. She was a unique woman, not just in name, but in so many wonderful ways.

The wife of a preacher, she could recite a Bible verse one minute, then turn around and tell a bawdy joke that would leave use all in stitches. She adored Elvis Presley, collected angel figurines, and would watch Jimmy Swaggart on an almost constant loop.Β At her birthday party a few years ago, she spent a large portion of the evening arm-wrestling with her grandchildren. She didn’t mind when she was given the nickname “Sexy Lexy.”


Though I think she was always beautiful, in her younger years, Mamaw was absolutely gorgeous. I wish the photo on the left had survived in better condition because it’s one of my favorites. I love the gloves and the purse, the kitten heels and the bows on her dress. I think she looks like a movie star, glamorous and chic.

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